Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What's Wrong With the IRS?

After thorough background checks, long months of training, and psychological screening they still managed to hire...Bert Lott (No relation to Trent).

Image from Review Journal Website.

First, the guy looks like a child-molestor or drug addict. Second, and related to the drug addict comment, he buys comic books at Velvet Underground comics in Vegas. Actually, that wouldn't be bad except it appears he only buys some of his comics there...according to the Las Vegas Review Journal he apparently steals the rest of them.

What is the IRS coming to when they hire people so desperate for Vampirella that he steals it? I can understand stealing the Avengers, maybe not the new one, but Vampirella? On second thought, at least he didn't pay for Vampirella.

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