Monday, July 17, 2006

Don't Hassle the Hoff!

Fritz and I were talking about the Hoff the other day, and about how he is one of the most "googled" figures on the interweb. I was astonished, but Fritz said, "Hey...don't hassle the Hoff!" Truth be told, I hadn't heard that before. Apparently, it's a real saying because David "The Hoff" Hasslehoff wears a T-Shirt with that very slogan in this music video.

The video freaked me out. First, Hasslehoff is driving from the wrong seat. I don't care where the steering wheel in Australia is, Kitt is an American car. Second, the women responding to the Hoff sound like a bad version of ABBA. Third, it's just too weird. This video, hat tip to Monitor Duty, just went on my must see list next to Shatner's version of Se7en.
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