Friday, August 13, 2010

Continuing the Conversation -- New "Blogging Pulp Stories" Page Added

I will be resuming my [Blogging Northwest Smith] series of posts next week with the story "Yvala." I have very much enjoyed reading the stories and writing my thoughts about them, but work, school, and two and a half year old twin daughters have interrupted the process.

In honor of my renewed intent to fulfill the social contract I entered with you last year, I have added a page to this blog entitled "Blogging Pulp Stories." On this page, you will find a listing of all the Northwest entries. As time permits, I will add other stories to the list as well. After Northwest will likely come Jirel of Joiry -- might as well read more Moore as she has a wonderful voice. This will likely be followed by a foray into "lost" DeCamp. I recently purchased a copy of a UK issue of Unknown Worlds that contains the Sprague DeCamp story "Solomon's Stone," and I am itching to read it. In his book Fantasy Roleplaying Games John Eric Holmes mentioned the story as a "proto" rpg tale, and I have longed to read it since Holmes' mention.

One of the reasons I am looking forward to re-igniting this series is because of the tremendous influence these tales have had on the gaming hobby and on popular culture in general.
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